Bank of America Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit

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A bank of America wrongful foreclosure lawsuit may be the only way to hold the mortgage giant accountable for its deceptive business practices. This case stems from the circumstances surrounding three Kauai homeowners’ loss of their homes. In this case, the bank was accused of manipulating the foreclosure auctions to get rid of the property before it was repossessed. The plaintiff claims that the Bank of American was never in the business of falsifying records to get homeowners to foreclose.

The Cordless, who are Portuguese immigrants in their 50s, are among the many homeowners who have filed bank of America wrongful foreclosure lawsuits.

Their case was the first to be successfully litigated. They were unsuccessful in their initial litigation but won a trial in federal bankruptcy court, which forced the bank to settle with the couple. In the Texas case, the local contractor that secured the property admitted responsibility for the errors.

The Cordosos’ case is similar to those of two other homeowners. The couple was denied an application for a trial modification, made all payments and was not provided with a timely answer to their case. The HAMP program was supposed to last three months, but the trial period extended to more than a year. The couple was forced to move out of their home because they had been unable to keep up with the payments.

Jennifer and Michael Deering had been living in their lakefront property for seven years but were still in foreclosure when the lender changed the terms.

They initially agreed to a year-long deferral of their mortgage payments and even completed repairs before the banks changed the terms. As the case progressed, the couple filed for a trial modification, but they didn’t receive a timely answer. They waited for the loan to be foreclosed on because they didn’t get a response to their complaint. Luckily, they didn’t let this happen and filed a bank of America wrongful foreclosure lawsuit.

After filing a bank of America wrongful foreclosure lawsuit, the company is in the process of analyzing the details of the settlement. This case alleges that the company failed to follow the law when foreclosing on the property. This has led to a huge backlash against the company, which is now a major player in the housing industry. The settlement is a major victory for homeowners in the bank of America wrongful foreclosure lawsuit.

Another bank of America wrongful foreclosure lawsuit has been filed in Texas by a couple of elderly Portuguese immigrants.

These homeowners were told by their bank that the delayed payments would be added to the loan at the end of the term. However, the homeowner never received an answer and had to pay thousands of dollars to avoid losing their home. The couple waited nearly four years, and they were in a position to pay the debt.

The Cordosos were denied the option to modify their home. They were told that their mortgages had been issued by Deutsche Bank, but in reality, the bank did not. The two companies worked in different divisions. In the case of the Cordosos, the first plaintiffs were Portuguese-born homeowners, while the other two were Americans of Italian descent. In their lawsuit, the banks denied them the option of foreclosing on their homes in the United States.

This case was the result of a settlement between the bank and the federal government.

The Bank of America wrongful foreclosure lawsuit in the U.S. has resulted in millions of dollars being paid to victims of mortgage fraud. In a separate lawsuit, a couple who lost their home to the bank in Florida won a six-million-dollar settlement with the bank. This case is one of several thousands of similar cases filed against the bank, which is the third-largest U.S. company.

The bank of America wrongful foreclosure lawsuit has been filed by dozens of homeowners. This case has been consolidated from dozens of lawsuits filed against it. It covers all HAMP trials in the past, including homeowners who did not receive a timely answer. It is not a small sum of money – it’s about the money that the bank of America owes to the victims of their home wrongful foreclosure.


  1. Hi my Name is Donna, I live i. Bakersfield California and in 2007-2008. B of A perpetrated fraud on a home loan that I ask for modification for. I have a lawyer in Florida. My case is still ongoing and they keep appealing. The judge has said she would re-hear it. But now it’s on a stay fir the umpteenth time. My ques if it can be answered is if B of A goes down (hearing Wells Fargo May buy them it) like it looks like Deuche bank is. Even though my case is still in court. What would happen to me or a potential settlement?? I’ve been patient but also lost my home.

  2. Applied for HARP with Bank of America in 2011. Called 2 days before deadline, was told it was too late, stated rep I was assigned to was no longer there.

  3. I had two homes with a great deal of equity stolen from me by Bank of America. I had paid the principal down drastically on one and lost my job. I continued working for less pay elsewhere. I applied for modification to have the payment recalculated to match the remaining term and thus be affordable. I would have paid it off if I had to. The second home I made all payments and could not understand what was happening. Later I started getting payments from my insurance company refunded. Had I understood they had put forced placed ins on my home, I would have paid the fraudulent charges, put my ins back in place and been fine. I have hearing impairments and needed non-phone, in person, communication. BofA just kept telling me to call a phone number. So I lost two homes and all the equity because Bank of America did fraudulent foreclosures and would not grant accommodations in communication for my disabilities. Is there any way I can get an attorney to assist me??? Is there a class action I can join that will be a fair amount for my losses?

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