According to the Chevy class-action lawsuit, the defect relates to the metal used in the internal-combustion engine of the car; thus, it is also known as the internal combustion engine or CIC. The plaintiff states that the repair to his car is simple, just replace the internal combustion engine with another not made of aluminum; yet, GM won’t give such a repair. This is how GM came to be on the receiving end of the lawsuit; they refused to sell the defective cars. GM didn’t have a choice; if they sold the cars and didn’t replace the engines with engines made from other metals, then their stock would have been forfeited. So, it is pretty clear that GM was aware of the existence of the defective cars, yet they still decided to sell them anyway.

So, how is the Chevy class action lawsuit going to play out?

We have two possible scenarios here. One, the plaintiff could win the case and receive a large amount of money. Two, the plaintiff may lose the case and only receive monetary reimbursement. If the latter scenario occurs, GM can be forced to re-manufacture thousands of vehicles, thus costing them a fortune!

What is the likelihood of either scenario? It appears that the plaintiffs have a solid case when they file their complaint, especially based on the discovery of internal documents. GM was aware of the defective drives long before the cars were sold and even tried to use tricks to cover up the problem. But what will the judge decide? That remains to be seen, but the plaintiffs seem to have a good chance of winning the case against GM with the help of the chevy shake class-action lawsuit.

If the plaintiffs succeed in this class action lawsuit, they have a strong case.

GM has admitted that it knew about the defective GM vehicles long before they were sold. The cars were involved in numerous recalls and received a black mark from the general motors class-action lawsuit. The judge may rule that because the plaintiffs have already been in so much trouble due to the automaker, they should be awarded compensation for their losses, just as the general motors class action lawsuit victims are.

Some people wonder if this is still a class-action lawsuit. Yes, it is. Anyone who has suffered economic harm because of alleged company negligence may qualify. You must be a resident of the state in which the fraud occurred to file, and you must also be a United States citizen. This means that if you are injured because of a GM vehicle, then you can claim compensation from General Motors.

You can file a Chevy class-action lawsuit by filing a complaint with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or the U.S. Department of Justice.

If your state has a law relating to securities fraud, you must also contact them. At the very least, you should send a formal cease and desist letter to Chevy motor corporation. If your state does not have this law, or if the automaker fails to respond within a certain amount of time, you can take your case to court.

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