The Fentanyl patch is a highly abused narcotic utilized to treat mild to moderate pain continuing more than a couple of days. Usually applied to the skin, the pain patch releases the powerful opiate fentanyl in an unregulated, consistent fashion over 72 hours. Because of the ease and availability of this drug, an incredible number of innocent people have fatally overdosed on it. Many deaths are on record; however, because of the difficulty of preventing overdose and death due to abuse, victims of the overdose are often left without the financial means to offset the damages. This leaves the loved ones of these victims to suffer the consequences of their loved one’s death without any means to pay for the services of an attorney.

People suffering from acute pain due to accidental ingestion of an illicit narcotic may be entitled to a Fentanyl patch lawsuit.

When an individual accidentally takes an illegal narcotic such as heroin, morphine, or any other controlled substance, he or she is carrying a number of drugs in the body at the same time. These drugs include the narcotics like heroin, morphine, and other synthetic pain medications such as codeine, hydrocodone, and tramadol. These medications can cause severe and life-threatening symptoms once they enter the system. In addition, these drugs can also interact with each other and with other medications to produce additional toxicities and complications. If an individual obtains an over-the-counter pain relief medication such as a pain patch or a similar delivery system and combines it with a narcotic such as an illegal narcotic, the results can be fatal.

An experienced attorney experienced in cases such as the Fentanyl patch lawsuits will know just what to do to help you obtain justice and compensation for your loved ones.

If your loved one was subjected to a fatal overdose while taking one of these drugs, you may have a case. If your loved one died because he or she was being overdosed on a powerful illegal narcotic, you may be able to receive compensation for your loss. However, even if your loved one died as a result of using an illegal narcotic, he or she may not have a case if the manufacturer or distributor did not intentionally sell the drug. A manufacturer or distributor who sells a product knowing that it has a deadly ingredient does not automatically commit the crime of involuntary manslaughter.

If you are considering filing a Fentanyl patch lawsuit, you should consult a qualified lawyer.

This type of lawsuit involving the death of a consumer can become quite complicated, especially if the defendant is a large pharmaceutical company. For this reason, it is usually advisable to retain a Fentanyl patch lawsuit lawyer who is well-versed in this type of injury litigation. Such an attorney can help you obtain the compensation you deserve, allowing you to take care of the painful aftermath of losing a loved one.

If the manufacturer or distributor did indeed intend to supply the opioid oxycodone known as Fentanyl to pain patients, but sold it in such a way that it could cause its use to become habit forming, or even addictive, the defendant may be liable for monetary damages.

In most circumstances, the manufacturer or distributor will be held personally liable for any accidents or death which resulted from the patient taking the dangerous drug. If you are a victim in such a case, you may obtain compensation for your losses. As previously mentioned, it is best to retain the services of a skilled Fentanyl patch lawsuit lawyer who has experience winning cases involving the dangers of the highly addictive Duragesic patch.

The dangers of the highly addictive and toxic opioid hydrocodone are well known.

When properly prescribed and used, it can alleviate the chronic pain many people suffer from, including from debilitating arthritis pain, shoulder and hip pain, as well as post-surgical pains. However, misuse or addiction to this medication can lead to a variety of health problems, such as depression, gastrointestinal problems, fever, mania, delusions, and even heroin use. The reason for the link between opioids and addiction lies in how the body reacts to an overdose of the narcotic, which include respiratory distress and coma. As hydrocodone is a controlled substance, it must be dispensed through a prescription. However, despite how it is abused or misused, the dangers do not outweigh the benefits, especially when the patient is suffering from severe and debilitating pain.

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  1. Hello Austin,
    I am so exhausted. Weary. My Help comes from the Lord who is the maker of heaven and earth.
    I am on Methadone. In 1998 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and prescribed Oxycontin and a couple of years later Fentanyl patches were added to my regimens of pain analgesics. I was on 150 mcg (100 mcg patch on one breast and 50 mcg patch on the other breast) for 2 1/2 years.
    I was dropped off at the front door of a hospital in Worcester Massachusetts and within minutes I went Code Blue. The very last expression of words of awe that I remember a nurse say was ” she has a patch here, Oh no there’s another one on her other….” and I felt the sting when of her peal it off.
    My life has been one that words cannot describe.
    I have lawyers representing me in the Oxycontin Class Action Lawsuit for the past two and half years.
    Can you represent me regarding damages of addiction due to Duralgesic (and other brand name) Fentanyl drugs?
    With Sincere Gratitude,

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