Owners of both 2021 Honda Acura RDX models are filing a lawsuit against the Japanese automaker claiming the automaker intentionally sold vehicles loaded with defective infotainment units that it refuses to repair, despite knowing that the units can cause injuries and deaths if installed. The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago, claims that Honda knew that its vehicles contained defective airbags and seat belts, which can cause severe injuries and deaths if they deployed during a car accident. Honda has also been accused of refusing to change faulty manufacturing processes which have led to the manufacturing of defective vehicles. Lawsuits like these are becoming common in auto accidents that result in severe injuries.

Lawsuit Against Honda

In its suit, Honda claims that a defect-riddled design defect allowed the vehicle to be potentially dangerous when in an accident. The defect allows the driver and passengers of the car to be ejected from the vehicle, should an accident occur. The complaint further claims that Honda did not notify customers of the design defect until the defect was revealed during an inspection. Another design defect cited in the lawsuit is the inability of the vehicles’ airbags to deploy properly during a crash. This can lead to “unnecessary and unjustifiable injuries,” the company states in the complaint.

It is the goal of both parties in a lawsuit to reach an agreement in terms of compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a defective parts or infotainment system defect of any make or brand of car, you may be able to receive monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. There are many causes for a car accident claim. An airbag or seatbelt deflator case is one. Another common case involves a defective door lock mechanism that causes a victim to be trapped inside their car after it has rolled over or locked itself.

Honda stated that it will offer financial reimbursement to customers who have been injured as a result of their defective parts.

In addition to monetary reimbursement, victims of this type of accident can receive medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other types of compensation. Honda is one of the largest manufacturers of passenger vehicles worldwide. In addition to providing drivers with quality cars, they also provide infotainment units such as car speakers and televisions to their customers.

The company has acknowledged that, from time to time, there are safety-related systems that fail in which the defective part can cause harm or death to a consumer.

Honda is working hard to find the cause of these incidents, which in some instances will be a failure of the infotainment system. A lawsuit against Honda could be on the grounds of negligence, if it is determined that a failure of this particular safety-related system allowed a customer to be injured.

There are many people who purchase new vehicles and do not perform a complete inspection of the equipment or their installation process.

Some people mistakenly believe that because the vehicle has a new warranty, any issues that arise with the equipment are covered under this warranty. It should be remembered by plaintiffs in a Honda lawsuit that if they are successful in their lawsuit against Honda, this manufacturer could be facing serious financial issues and may be forced to cut down or even cease manufacturing the specific vehicles involved in the lawsuit.

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