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On March 11, US Bankruptcy Court ordered the liquidation of Debt Settlement Company (DSC) called Global Counseling Solutions. The reason is that DSC did not provide the services it was charged for. It rammed through settlement process without much consideration to its clients who ultimately paid too high price. This is the reason why Bankruptcy Court insisted on this solution.

US Bank Lawsuit

At first glance, Global Counseling Solutions did appear as a legitimate company that could assist clients with their credit card debts. However, closer investigation revealed the fact that the company was no more than a sham. When the lawsuit was filed against it by US Bankruptcy Court, it was proved that the company did not have any knowledge about the relief options available as well as about the legal rights of their clients.

The scam company hired attorneys who were not associated with the bank lawsuit.

These attorneys, needless to say, did not contribute anything to the case. They failed to submit any evidence to support their claim that their clients would receive thousands of dollars if the case was successful. Their only aim was to convince their clients that they should opt for bankruptcy rather than attempting to settle the case. Only after they were paid the fee, did they present any assistance to their clients.

It is very important for clients to hire attorneys who are expert in their field.

This helps them increase chances of success and get reduction at minimal cost. Apart from making sure that their attorney is reliable, it is advisable to check whether he has any professional association with any eminent lawyer or organization. This way, clients can rest assured that the lawyer working on their case is an expert.

Global Counseling Solutions was sued by the United States government because it provided incorrect advice to its clients.

The company’s counsel relied on false assumptions, improper calculations and rushed decisions. His errors resulted in huge financial losses for his clients. Because of his blunders, the case was allowed to move forward in the court without any supervision. A court-appointed administrative law judge found that Global Counseling Solutions was the main cause of the case’s failure.

The company later amended its policy, making it mandatory for all its officers and agents to take an ethics training course.

But this was only after the lawsuit had become more public. Many lawyers and experts believe that such policies will not prevent misbehavior on the part of most executives. If you wish to pursue a US Bank lawsuit, you must ensure that you have the required knowledge and information about the process. Only then can you maximize your chances of success.

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