Stem Cells Inc Lawsuit – What it All About

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Stem Cells Inc lawsuit is one that has been in the news quite frequently. This is because stem cells are a hot commodity in the medical field. The medical industry desperately needs them and wants them more than ever. In fact, some areas of the medical industry actually prefer to have stem cells than other types of cells. That’s not a problem for stem cells, as they can grow inside the body with no need for external fertilization.

However, stem cells have been controversial since their inception.

Many wonder if they are safe and if they will provide any real long term benefit to those who need them. There is no real way to know until scientific studies are conducted but what we do know is that stem cells are controversial due to the fact that they were cloned in a laboratory.

Stem cells are basically normal cells taken from embryos in the mother’s womb. When the embryo is completed in the mother, it is cloned and sent to a lab. Scientists are able to do this in a way that allows the embryo to divide rapidly without clumping or damaging the stem cell. The cloned cells then start to reproduce. The process starts over again and all new stem cells are added to the pool so that there is always something to grow.

One concern that has been raised is that the embryos used in this process are being enhanced in any way.

It is well known that stem cells can be enhanced in a number of ways but it is still unclear whether or not this will have any harmful effects on the children. A lawyer for the parents in the Stem Cells Inc lawsuit believes that the process does indeed affect the children. They argue that because the embryos are being enhanced, there is a chance that the children could suffer from diseases or genetic problems.

Whatever the case, this lawsuit has highlighted the importance of stem cell research. The ultimate goal is to treat diseases using stem cells but until recently it was believed that it would take decades before stem cell therapy was available to the public. This problem is being highlighted by the Stem Cells Inc lawsuit. As long as scientists continue to work on improving the technology, the clinics that offer these services should be able to offer better services to their patients.

Right now there are only a few clinics offering stem cells and many of them are located in the United States. However, there is currently a procedure that is being offered in Canada. The process works in a very similar fashion but there are no embryos being created. Rather, the doctor makes use of existing stem cells from an adult patient. This alternative offers a faster service due to the fact that there are fewer issues with the implantation process.

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