A Toyota Highlander door lawsuit can be filed on behalf of the owners of affected vehicles. This lawsuit aims to compensate Toyota customers for repairs and the lowered value of their vehicles. The plaintiffs also seek punitive damages to discourage Toyota from similar behavior in the future. The lawsuit is filed in federal court in the State of Oregon. Read on to learn more. Here’s a summary of the lawsuit’s key points.

Class action lawsuit

A Toyota Highlander owner is suing the car manufacturer in a putative class action lawsuit alleging that the company concealed a problem with its power-door components. The lawsuit claims that the automaker knew about the defect for years but failed to make the defect known and sold the SUVs without disclosing it to consumers. As a result, the power doors in the rear of the Highlander SUV are often defective, causing thousands of customers to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs.

The Toyota Highlander door and liftgate were introduced in the United States in 2012. The company claimed that they are the only car company to sell them with this defect. The lawsuit claims that this problem affects all owners and leasers of Highlander vehicles. It seeks compensation for repairs to the liftgate and the value of the vehicles. Additionally, the lawsuit seeks punitive damages to deter future misconduct by Toyota. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and is represented by Annita Emerson, Ahdoot Wolfson PC, and Morgan & Morgan.


The Toyota Highlander Door Recall affects the power liftgate and the door mechanism. It can malfunction if the rear door cannot close properly. The door can also be triggered by using body parts to trigger the Jam Protection function. If you are experiencing these problems, it may be time to visit your dealership for assistance. However, if you are experiencing problems with the power liftgate, you can try resetting the system by disabling it and reconnecting the battery.

Toyota sends a letter of notification to the last known address of the vehicle owner, identifying the defect and requiring free service at an authorized Toyota dealership. The recalls are not caused by the owner and will be completed as soon as possible. In most cases, Toyota will replace the vacuum pump assembly free of charge. In some cases, the repair can be completed by the owner. If you’ve purchased a new Toyota Highlander, you can visit a local Toyota dealership to get the problem fixed.


A Toyota Highlander door lawsuit has sparked a class action against the carmaker. The plaintiffs allege that rear liftgates malfunctioned when the power lift arm broke and caused the hinge to bow. The repair, which cost $4,700, was made after the vehicle’s warranty expired. In response, Toyota issued a technical service bulletin to dealers advising them of the problem. Toyota also issued a recall on the model, stating the power lift arm bolts should be tightened and gaps between the rear gate and the power lift arm should be repaired.

The company was notified of the defect in 2011 but failed to fix the problem. The company ignored the NHTSA complaint and owners’ reports on Toyota’s website, and instead issued a service bulletin, which warned that the door could fail to close properly. The problem has since been fixed. A power back door recall will be announced in 2014.


You may have heard of the class-action lawsuit claiming that Toyota Motor North America, Inc. is responsible for a defect in its SUVs, but did you know the company hid the defect from consumers? Toyota Highlander owners are claiming that their vehicles have suffered from the same defect and deserve compensation for their losses. As a result, the lawsuit claims that Toyota knew of the defect for several years and still failed to act.

The ramifications of this lawsuit are numerous. First of all, your Toyota Highlander door is prone to side damage if the door is not equipped with side moldings. Toyota Highlander door moldings are available in a variety of styles and colors to match your car’s exterior. The ramifications of a damaged door include scratches, dents, and chips to the finish. Fortunately, there are Toyota Highlander door edge guards available that will protect your door and keep it looking new.

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