Vaginal Mesh Problems – Signs and Symptoms of a Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

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A vaginal mesh lawsuit can be a viable option for patients who have experienced serious complications after receiving this type of medical device. Depending on the type of mesh used, it can cause organ damage, such as adhesions in the bladder or bowel or perforations in the bowel. Organ damage can lead to problems such as interstitial cystitis and fistulas. If your doctor suspects organ damage, you should seek medical care. If your mesh has caused organ damage, you may be entitled to a mesh removal or replacement surgery. Moreover, if the mesh clogged your uterus, you might be able to get tissue reconstruction.


If you have suffered from any of the following symptoms after having vaginal mesh implanted, you may be eligible for a lawsuit. If you had to undergo surgery because of vaginal mesh, you may want to get a second opinion. The pain and discomfort you experience after vaginal mesh implants can be severe and lead to serious complications. However, there are ways to treat vaginal mesh problems.

Some of the common side effects include pain and incontinence, as well as a sex-related injury. Some women may experience permanent damage to their bodies due to vaginal mesh, while others may suffer temporary relief. In any case, it is important to discuss the risks of mesh with your doctor as soon as possible. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you may want to seek compensation from the manufacturer.


A woman who has experienced vaginal mesh problems could file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for their injuries. Among the possible causes of these issues are endometriosis and defective medical devices. In addition to these complications, women can also experience vaginal pain and heavy bleeding during sexual intercourse. For example, one woman who suffered from endometriosis may experience severe pain and heavy bleeding, particularly during sexual intercourse.

The FDA is aware of the risks associated with surgical mesh. It has received over two thousand reports of complications, including erosion of the mesh through the vagina. The FDA spokeswoman says that improvements are being made to prevent such complications. In fact, in 2016, the FDA reclassified surgical mesh for pelvic organ prolapse from Class II to Class III, citing its unreasonably high risk.

Class II medical device

The decision to ban vaginal mesh caused much controversy and uncertainty about its safety. Although many lawsuits were settled with device manufacturers, others remain unresolved. A Lyon Firm attorney can help you recover rightful compensation for medical costs, pain, suffering, and long-term disability. Read on to learn more about the legal issues surrounding vaginal mesh. A Class II medical device lawsuit for vaginal mesh problems can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Transvaginal mesh is a permanent implant intended to provide support to damaged or weak tissue. Surgical mesh is made of animal or synthetic materials. It is designed to be permanent and can be used for several medical conditions. Unfortunately, it can cause problems for some women and has recently been classified as a high-risk medical device by the FDA. FDA pre-approval is required before this product is allowed to be sold in the U.S.

National Health Service

The British government is facing a massive compensation bill for women with problems after having transvaginal mesh implants. The plastic implants were designed to correct pelvic organ prolapse, which causes incontinence. However, some women have experienced problems after the surgery, including severe pain, chronic incontinence, and painful intercourse. Some women have even gone as far as considering suicide, and there are now hundreds of women suing the NHS and manufacturers of the implants.

The patient who filed a suit against the NHS said that she was leaking urine for almost two years after the procedure. Her GP told her she was imagining the pain, but the pain was so severe that she suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts. She ultimately overcame these thoughts because her children were suffering, and the pain was so debilitating that she was forced to leave her job to care for them. Kate Langley, a former racehorse competitor, described the surgery as “barbaric” and cited how the surgeon could see the mesh tape through her vagina and even see through it.

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