What Is a Davita Class Action Lawsuit?

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A Davita Class Action Lawsuit is a lawsuit that was filed against the company, Davita Pro, for the negligent selling of tooth paste. The company marketed their toothpaste as a better alternative to traditional toothpastes but did not disclose that it contained Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Lauryl Sulfate). The product had a black or dark colored color, and there were many consumers that purchased it without any warning. This caused many unwanted side effects from being exposed to this chemical, and it has been proven that it causes cancer.

Davita Class Action Lawsuit

As soon as the Davita Class Action Lawsuit was brought to the attention of the company, they removed the product off the shelves. They claimed that it was a ‘liability issue’ but no one was able to provide any proof that the product was dangerous. The lawsuit was then dropped.

The deception was exposed and a class action suit was filed against the company. Many other people came forward claiming that they too were contaminated by this product. It was also found that the company used false advertising when stating that their products did not contain lauryl sulfate.

The Davita Class Action Lawsuit is not only a lawsuit but it is also a class action lawsuit.

This means that there were many more people who have been affected by the product than just those who claimed that it caused them cancerous diseases.

There were also claims that this product caused birth defects, convulsions, respiratory failure and nervous system damage. All of these claims have been individually checked and all have been ruled out. It is believed that as many as thirty thousand people may have been negatively affected by this product.

The company that manufactured the product, Davita, is also responsible for the medical claims.

These claims were also covered in the Class Action Lawsuit. As well as covering medical claims, this case also covers other claims such as pain and suffering and damage to reputation. In addition to all these, the class action suit also covers lost wages, suffering, physical disability, future loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

There are many claims that have been covered in the class action suit.

They include permanent damage claims resulting from exposure to the chemical lauryl sulfate as well as claims for personal injury including permanent scars, dry mouth, and neck and back injuries. Other claims include death from liver failure, kidney failure, and anemia. All of these claims have been individually checked and all have been ruled out.

Some of the people who have tested this product have had reactions ranging from minor to life threatening.

For example, one man began to have chest pains, nausea, vomiting, headaches, blurred vision problems, and diarrhea. Another man developed kidney failure after he began using the product. All of these are mere examples, there are others.

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