Imagine having a mind great enough to go into the mind of a criminal and figure out what the consequences should be for them. While you can’t visit a courtroom every day to see trials and lawyers and judges at work, you can do that at home by watching some of the best legal shows of all time. You can catch some of these shows on your TV service’s channel lineup, such as the likes of WOW! Cable TV with its vast lineup and access to all your favorite streaming apps, all in one place.

Coming back to the best law shows you should watch, here are some you should keep in mind so that you could catch up to speed with the story as fast as possible:

House of Cards

House of Cards is undeniably one of the best legal shows of all time. It shows the extent to which a lawyer’s mind works and all the processes they have to go through before a final decision could be taken. You can easily watch the show easily on Netflix. The first two seasons of the show are absolutely insane and they are great enough to have you hooked to your device and you would keep asking for more at the end of each episode.

However, some people agree that as the seasons progressed after the second one, the show just started to become a drag but we will leave that to your own opinion of the show. A fun fact about the show is that it was one of the first few shows to start the binging culture as audiences kept watching episodes back to back, hence binging on it.

Better Call Saul

You probably remember Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, the guy everyone went to in case they needed their identities changed so that they could go into hiding. This show is entirely dedicated to Saul and how he got where he was in Breaking Bad. This show is a prequel to Breaking Bad and shows all the situations that Saul was in prior to meeting Walt and Jesse. This show itself is very captivating, just like Breaking Bad so if you are looking for something interesting to watch, this is the one.

The show keeps its focus on law and order alongside the world of crime and you get to see how Saul handles everything even when things seem bleak and with no solution at all. Better Call Saul is one of the best shows if you are looking for something to binge on.

Your Honor

Speaking of Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston, another recent show starring Bryan Cranston is Your Honor and it is for sure the kind of show that would leave you hooked to it. In the show, Bryan plays a character called Michael Desiato who is a judge and the best part about the plot is that despite him being a judge, his own son accidentally becomes involved in a hit-and-run, which causes the death of a teenager.

The question is, will Michael uphold the law or will he protect his son instead? However, to burst your little bubble, you should know that this is a limited series and it will not be renewed for another season. Not only does the show focus on the courtroom but it also gives us an insight into Michael and his family and the kind of consequences that they have to face.


How is it possible that we would write about shows regarding the law and we wouldn’t mention Suits? This is the same show that gave Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, her fame in the first place. In the show, we see a man named Mike Ross get into a bad drug deal and despite being a college dropout; he somehow gets to work with New York’s best lawyer Harvey Specter. It is very likely you would’ve heard Harvey’s name before since he is a very popular character.

If you feel like you have a thirst to see what it’s like in the law sector, then this show is most certainly for you.

How to Get Away with Murder

The best kind of law division is always criminal law since it helps you tap into the mind of a criminal to see how they would think. That is the theme of How to Get Away with Murder, which features a character called Annalise Keating who is a law professor and she also is a criminal defense attorney. She keeps her focus on five of her best and brightest to mentor them and the show has details that would keep you astounded!

Wrapping Up

If you feel like Law is your genre to go to, then you should definitely have these shows on your list to watch. They feature some of the most iconic characters with the best storylines that would have you asking for more after every episode ends!

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