Choosing Arbitration Lawyers

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When you choose an arbitration lawyer, you’ll benefit from their knowledge, expertise, and experience. The process is similar to going before a judge, but rather than a judge, you choose a third party who can rule on the dispute without prejudice. The arbitrator is a neutral third party who listens to both sides of the argument and renders a decision based on his or her understanding of the law. When choosing an arbitrator, you should make sure they have years of experience and a thorough understanding of legal issues.

Pre-conference call preparation

If you are preparing to participate in an arbitration hearing, pre-conference call preparation is essential for success. You should carefully review the arbitration process and the rules of evidence. The Arbitrator will likely limit the number of document requests. If the arbitration is electronic, you may be limited to the number of documents on your backup servers or tapes. Also, remember that he/she may have strict time limits for document production.

Preparation for arbitration hearings

Lawyers should prepare for arbitration hearings before the actual hearing. A thorough pre-hearing preparation is crucial for a successful advocacy presentation. Cleverness and ingenuity can’t substitute for thorough preparation. The preparation phase begins after the dispute in question has been investigated and the need for arbitration has been asserted. At this point, the preliminary case theory should have been figured out and the theme revised where appropriate.

Preparation for arbitrator’s award

The procedure for preparing for an arbitrator’s award differs from that of a trial. Unlike in a trial, the arbitrator must make a decision based on the evidence presented by both parties, and he or she may also choose an expert based on experience or expertise in a particular field. In arbitration, however, both sides must present evidence to support their arguments, and the process can take up to a few months.

Costs of arbitration

A legal dispute can be a costly endeavor. It may be better to settle it outside of court, where the costs are typically split between the parties. In California, for example, a business will pay the filing fee and administrative costs of arbitration, while an individual will pay nothing for the process. In most states, however, businesses will pay the filing fee and other costs associated with the arbitration process. Here is a closer look at the costs of arbitration lawyers.


In July, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edmead resolved a case involving fees in an arbitration proceeding between attorney Richard L. Gold and his client Paul Altman. The dispute arose in the context of a child support and visitation case. The retainer agreement Gold and Altman signed included an arbitration clause. Altman and his other counsel did not dispute the arbitration clause. But the parties disagreed about the fee structure.

Credibility of arbitrator

When considering the credibility of an arbitrator, attorneys should keep a few things in mind. First, an arbitrator’s impartiality is a “cardinal duty”. By the Arbitration Act 1996, failure to observe this duty can lead to the removal of an arbitrator from the proceedings on the grounds of bias or serious irregularity. However, successful challenges to an arbitrator’s impartiality are rare.

Cost of arbitrator’s award

The cost of an arbitrator’s award for lawyers can be a substantial amount of money. While several factors affect the cost of arbitration, the total cost can be significantly less than that of litigation. Moreover, the entire process may be completed in less time. It is often cheaper than litigation and more time-efficient. So, whether you’re looking for a less expensive litigation option or the most cost-efficient one, arbitration may be a great option.

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