Many attorneys are beginning to file Zelnorm lawsuits, but the cases will take years to complete. If you’re considering filing a lawsuit, you should not proceed without consulting a qualified class action attorney. They can assess the chances of success and provide you with information about the evidence required to win your case. These attorneys will also help you file a lawsuit against Zelnorm’s manufacturer. To learn more about how a class action attorney can help you, read on.

Heart attacks

A recent heart attack lawsuit against Zelnorm focuses on this drug’s failure to warn of a heart attack risk. The manufacturer, Novartis, did not file a statement of defense, but the lawsuit alleges that the company failed to warn Canadians about the potential cardiovascular risks of Zelnorm. The drug was approved for sale in Canada in March 2002. However, Health Canada suspended sales after a clinical trial involving 18,600 people found an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. The company’s lawyers have yet to respond to the claims.

The FDA initially said that Zelnorm was likely safe for sale, but a recent study showed a statistically significant increase in the risk of heart attacks. The FDA is now examining the risks of Zelnorm, which was approved for use in 2003. But Novartis maintains that the drug is safe and does not cause heart attacks or strokes. They will also discuss whether to resume Zelnorm sales after a moratorium or a limited reintroduction.


During a patient’s treatment with Zelnorm, they may suffer from several serious gastrointestinal and cardiovascular side effects, including ischemic colitis and dead bowel. Additionally, the drug may cause ulcerative colitis, chron disease, and other serious health problems. People with these conditions may be eligible for compensation. Strokes and ischemic colitis are not uncommon side effects associated with Zelnorm, and Phillips Law Group has experience helping victims throughout the United States.

A plaintiff may file a lawsuit in a state or federal court claiming that a dangerous drug has caused their injuries. A person suffering from these symptoms may be eligible for compensation from the manufacturer of Zelnorm, US WorldMeds, LLC. An experienced lawyer can help determine if a lawsuit is warranted and whether the plaintiff is eligible for damages. The attorney’s fee is contingent on the amount of compensation the plaintiff can expect.


The FDA has endorsed a warning that says Zelnorm may cause angina. The warning cites data from more than 18,000 patients in 29 clinical trials. Since the warning was issued, the manufacturer of the medication has agreed to stop marketing Zelnorm and issue a nationwide recall. While these measures may reduce the number of people exposed to the harmful effects of the drug, they do not address the root causes.

While Zelnorm was initially approved for irritable bowel syndrome, it is now known to raise the risk of a heart attack, stroke, or chest pain. This heightened risk is especially troubling because the drug was initially only approved for treating irritable bowel syndrome. The FDA has suspended the sale of Zelnorm after it became clear that it was causing serious side effects. As of July 2012, the drug is no longer available for prescription.


When a loved one has passed away due to complications caused by taking Zelnorm, you may be eligible for a class action lawsuit. These lawsuits typically take many years to resolve, but an experienced class action lawyer can determine the chances of success and what evidence is needed to win a case. In addition, he or she can help you file a lawsuit against the Zelnorm manufacturer.

The suit alleges that the drug failed to warn patients of the risks of cardiovascular disease. The manufacturer of Zelnorm, Novartis, failed to properly warn Canadians about the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Health Canada suspended the drug’s sale in Canada after a clinical trial in which nearly one million people suffered a higher than average rate of heart attacks and strokes. The lawsuit alleges that Novartis should have disclosed this information to consumers when preparing the drug’s label.

Adverse reactions

A lawsuit filed against Novartis for failing to warn users of the risks associated with Zelnorm may be a viable option. Although the manufacturer has access to extensive clinical data about the drug, the company did not adequately warn users of the drug’s risk of serious side effects. Many lawyers are now investigating Zelnorm lawsuits to determine if the drug’s ineffectiveness is responsible for serious injuries.

The FDA recommended adding a warning about suicidal ideation and behavior to Zelnorm’s drug label. After receiving these concerns, Novartis voluntarily recalled the drug from the US market. This action followed the publication of a database of adverse reactions to prescription drugs by the FDA. Further, it was determined that patients who took the drug experienced more cardiac events than those taking the placebo. Although the FDA has since responded to these concerns, lawsuits filed by patients continue to bolster the case for a Zelnorm recall.

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