The Lawyers prayer is an elegant wall decoration inspired by an ancient Judaic script. The prayer text is laser-cut aluminum and framed with two doves of peace in Swarovski crystals. The Lawyers prayer measures approximately 20cm x 22cm. This prayer is a perfect gift for a lawyer, law student, or anyone who appreciates the power of prayer. The text is available in different sizes.

St. Thomas More is the patron saint of lawyers

A devout Catholic lawyer may choose to perform a novena to St. Thomas More, the patron saint of lawyers. This Renaissance philosopher is the patron saint of lawyers, civil servants, politicians, stepparents, widowers, and all others who seek justice and peace. He was a man of integrity, and he has been called a martyr. He was canonized by Pope Pius XI and is now the patron saint of lawyers, civil servants, politicians, and difficult marriages.

St. Thomas More is the patron saint of lawyers because of his martyrdom in 1535. He refused to acknowledge the authority of the king as the head of the Church of England, and he criticized the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. As a result, he was put to death and became the patron saint of lawyers, politicians, and civil servants. Many lawyers honor St. Thomas More on his feast day, June 22.

The Catholic Society of Western New York has an association of lawyers. The guild is recognized by the Diocese of Buffalo. Members support one another in their professional and personal lives. The association also welcomes members of all professions in the justice field, including law. And, because the guild is so supportive of Catholic lawyers, it offers scholarships to local Catholic law schools. The bronze statue will be dedicated on February 27, 2022.

Lawyers have a special role in Christian social teaching

Throughout Christian history, there have been many examples of lawyers serving the poor. For instance, William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2 proclaimed: “Let us kill the lawyers!” Those who serve the poor reflect the teachings of Jesus, who had all the power in the world but left his corner office to serve the poor. The complaints of lawyers were also common in the United States, England, and Australia during the 19th century.

In their book, Can a Good Christian Be a Lawyer?, Baker and Floyd discuss the role of lawyers in Christian social teaching. These works are an excellent guide for lawyers who want to better serve the poor. Although Baker and Floyd are not the only authors of Can a Good Christian Be a Lawyer? they are the most comprehensive and helpful in illustrating how lawyers should live out their faith and practice.

Design of lawyers’ prayer

A laser-cut paper artwork displays the traditional Hebrew lawyer’s prayer on a background of vibrant colors. Created in a Jerusalem studio, this piece is an excellent addition to your home decor. Its text features the words “God help me,” in Hebrew, and is set in the center of a floral filigree design. The scales of justice, a symbol of justice, are positioned at the top of the piece.

If your attorney is a Christian, consider giving him or her this prayer as a gift. This is a beautiful way to show someone you admire their dedication to the profession. It’s also a great gift for your own home. Many people will appreciate it, and it can be displayed in many rooms. Whether a lawyer is an attorney or just someone who values their integrity, this wall hanging is a great gift. The image of lawyers is powerful and meaningful.

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